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We are in the north of lanzarote, in a place called el Malpais de la Corona in which there are volcanic galleries and caverns with exceptional characteristics. The main nucleous if this system situated in the village of haria, is formed by a spectacular subterranean volcanic tube created by the solidification of the lava expelled from the volcan de la corona in a process that probably started three thousand or four thousand and five hundred years ago.

In this place born from the violent action of nature, the cabildo insular de lanzarotedecided to prepare one of the most interesting places of its Art, cultural and tourist centres, under the supervision of the genial artist Cesar Manrique. This place has been opened to visitors since 1966

The word jameo probably comes from the antique old language and it refers to a cavity produced when the roof of a volcanic cave callapses. The jameos were formed in several areas of this part of the island when the tops of the volcanic caverns fell in, in a natural process which gave place to its present appearance.

In order to visit this centre we go into the first of the jameos, jameo chico, we descend to its inner part by a sinuous stair made of stone. As we enter we are overwhelmed by an amazing atmosphere, a feeling of calmness and serenity which makes us feel pat of this place. This area in the east is where the tunnel de la atlantida begins. It’s a spectacular underwater tunnel which runs along the inner part of the atlantic ocean and in which submarine and speleological explorations have discovered different forms of deep-sea life.

As we continue we encounter the subterranean lake which is salty but clear water and which offers us the opportunity of seeing a spectacular and extensive range of colours when the sun light goes in through an orifice opened on the roof of the cavern caused by the explosion of the gases in their process of formation.

A path made of stones on the right hand side of the lake, allows us to observe some tiny blind white crabs, endemic crustacean whose natural habitat belongs to deeper seas. Due to this fact scientific investigations about these species living in the jameos are still being carried aout in order to discover why they natural environment like the jameos were the seas are not so deep.

The level of the lake depends on the different tides, the high and the low tide of the ocean, whose waters filter through the volcanic cortex creating a peculiar laggom in the inner part of the grotto.

On our way to big jameo, we climb some stairs and go through some volcanic terraces into an open-air are where a bright white swimming pool not in use mowadys has been especially designed to fit the environment. The flora perfectly incorporated into this place blends with the prominent volcanic rocks.
From here we ascend a zigzag staircase to some terraces where you can obtain a magnificent view of the caves. It is also possible to visit the casa de los volcanes, a world wide known scientific centre devoted to volcanology studies.

Right on the other side of the big jameos beyond the swimming pool there is an auditorium which is a fantastic volcanic cave where 600 people can enjoy its natural acoustic attending concerts, ballets and plays among the wide variety of cultural activities that it offers. Every October the visual music festival is a date to remember. Most of the volcanic tube, that can not be visited extends from the auditorium, being the main entrance to the cueva de los verdes on its way to its source the volcan de la Corona.

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